Dinner – Armenian Style

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As Christmas is getting nearer (only 12 days away!!) and we will be working about 15 hour days until then, the wifey and I decided to take off work a few hours early last night and visit my awesome in-laws! We started off the night with some tequila based cocktails and great conversation and headed to the dinner table from there.


My mother-in-law knows how much I love Armenian food and had prepared an amazing homemade meal for us. For appetizers we started off with a kale salad, hummus with pita bread, basturma (which is a cut of meat that is dried and cured with a mix of spices), and kibbeh (which are football shaped dumplings filled with ground beef & spices and coated with bulgur). For the main dish she had prepared a true Armenian delicacy called Manti. Manti is my favorite dish especially on a cold, rainy day like it was yesterday. Manti is bite-sized dumplings stuffed with minced ground beef, onions and various spices and baked until crispy. It is served in a chicken broth and topped with garlic yogurt, dry sumac and dried red pepper. Manti is a true gem and takes a long time to prepare but the result is oh so yummy! We thoroughly enjoyed our meal with a bottle of Cabernet from Napa while toasting to having a loving & supportive family and to good health.


From our family to yours, Happy Holidays & Happy Eating!!


P.S. Pictured on wrist is the Meister Ambassador with Black / Brown Leather Band.


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