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By now some of you might know that I’m a HUGE car fanatic. By fanatic, I mean that I think about cars every single day. My passion for cars started when I was in Middle school. It started with Classics, then to Imports, Of course I love exotic cars but they are a bit out of my price range for now… There is a car show that I go to almost every Saturday called Cars and Coffee held over by the Irvine spectrum. You get all walks of life that attend the show plus you get all types of cars attending aswell.

Aside from having a passion for cars, I love going to this particular show is because it motivates me to work harder. Some people might complain that they don’t have certain things in life, Not me, When I want something I work hard or harder in order to get it. When you think that things are bad, trust me things could always be worse. Everything you need in life is your health, family, food and a roof over your head. All the other things are extra. Your health is just as important as your wealth.

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