Benihana Stylin’

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By now most of you might have noticed that I’m a food fanatic and thats exactly why I started hitting the gym. Even though now after I eat a meal like this I feel like Im doing something illegal. I remember going out and eating burgers and good food all the time without feeling guilty but now thats a different story. I try and tell myself that I need to cheat or feel guilty at least once a week and last week happen to be with some Benihana with the girlfriend. Tiffany and I have been coming here for close to 6 years now and it never gets olds. From the Salad, to the soup to the meats, I can’t get enough of Benihana especially when my inbox is flooded with their Chef’s specials of the month. This month was Shrimp with Chicken but of course we had to add some Filet Mignon.

Out of all the years Tiffany and I have been to Benihana there hasn’t been one single time that there is an empty table. Benihana is a well oiled machine that is constantly running and never stops! I have to tip my hat off to the workers for always having a smile on their face and always helpful. If you’ve never been to Benihana before I highly suggest you get off the computer and head down to the closest one to you, NOW!


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