Apple Pan, Quality Forever..

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Several days ago after I left the office, The girlfriend and I headed to downtown to pick up a couple friends of ours and headed down to Apple Pan for dinner. My friend ShoeWolf introduced me to this spot about 3-4 years ago and I can still say that its the best burger I’ve had. Apple Pan opened its doors in 1947 and is famous for their burgers and Pies, from what I was told they haven’t changed the menu since its opening. Not only does it have great food but the service has always been top notch. As much as I want to get on a strict diet and start eating better, there is NO possible way that I can stop eating their burgers.

I always end up getting their Hickory burger with a side of fries and of course with some orange pop and sometimes when I’m feeling CRAZY i’ll end up getting some chocolate pie with ice cream on the side. Yes, I’m a fat ass, get off my back hahaha.

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