Nixon Player Stainless Steel


The first thing you notice about this Nixon Player is its Rectangle shape, Its not your average circle shaped watch. The second thing you notice is it’s minimalist face and the third thing you notice is the classic stainless steel case and band. The silver dial along with the Black hands really bring the watch to life, some people might argue that its too simple or that its hard to tell time on but lets all be honest, Having a watch on your wrist isn’t about telling time, Its an accessory piece that brings your entire outfit together. MORE INFO… continue reading »

Red Zodiac Adventure


Tic Time presents the Zodiac Adventure! Zodiac takes the motto, “Go big or go home” to heart. We can see this especially in this timepiece where the main ingredients are BIG and BOLD. They take the term oversized watch to a new level. The 47 mm case size sets the base for the oversized look, then Zodiac adds their own personal touch by making it a unique square face. To make the watch stand out even more, they paired it with a bright red rubber strap. MORE INFO To tie the whole look together, Zodiac made the face all black… continue reading »

Vestal Black Plexi Acetate


I bet you’ve never seen a watch quite like this. The Vestal Plexi takes its own spin on the traditional watch band. What makes this watch truly unique is the combination of stainless steel links and acetate links in the band. This unique band mixed with the traditional minimalist face that Vestal does best creates a one of a kind piece. MORE INFO This Plexi takes on the blackout trend that is so popular right now and executes it beautifully. Black face, black case, black band… I don’t think it could get any better. You could pair this watch with… continue reading »

Nixon 42-20 Crystal


Nixon 42-20, the little brother to the big 51-30. It may be smaller in size, but it still packs the same punch. As one of their most popular styles, Nixon needs to keep up a good reputation. By adding different color ways and making small additions they keep their customers interested everyday. With this specific watch, Nixon took the classic high polish stainless steel piece and gave it a little makeover. By adding crystals all around the bezel and a mother of pearl face, they completely transformed this watch to a truly elegant and standout timepiece. MORE INFO This watch… continue reading »

Meister rose gold commander


As many of you might have noticed from our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts, we are big supporters of the brand Meister, a Los Angeles based brand that has been around for nearly 2 years. They are a young, hip, urban brand that has been making noise for a while now with their beautiful timepieces. This particular watch is from the ‘Commander’ series that Meister introduced earlier in the year with a rose gold color way that is done right. The rose gold numbers and hands that glow in the dark really make the watch stand out from the rest…. continue reading »

welcome to tic time trends!

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Tic Time Trends – A lifestyle expressed through wrist accessories Our concept is to become a game changer in the watch industry by becoming the only watch store that doesn’t sell time. In recent years, the emergence of substitutes for time-keeping devices such as iPhone’s have challenged the necessity for watches as a time-keeping device. Our vision captures our passion of accessorizing wrists to match lifestyles and personalities, and focuses on providing the hippest, trendiest, wrist accessories; a wrist candy, an expression of lifestyle and an extension of personality. The mission for our Wrist Candy Consultants is to pair customers… continue reading »

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