Vestal ZR3 Minimalist Stainless


When you shop around for a big faced watch you really are looking for something that’ll make you stand out and that will get you noticed. The ZR3 minimalist does exactly that but with a minimalistic look. If you notice this watch is quite possibly the most stripped down chronograph watch on the market today and it looks good! This watch gets noticed because of its simplistic look along with its big 52mm face. Not to mention the Black bezel which adds a nice contrast between the silver especially with the Vestal Logo in black on the face of the… continue reading »

Tahitian Jelly Bean Large Black Gold Tone


The Tahitian Jelly Bean collection is the more casual collection of the Michele line because it’s the only one that is not stainless steel or leather but in fact silicone. Taking an even bigger step away from their traditional look, Michele made this Tahitian Jelly Bean in a HUGE selection of colors ranging from a modest black and gold to a bright neon green. Whatever your personality may be there is probably a jelly bean to match it. MORE INFO I like this watch personally because I feel like it allows women to show off their multiple personalities. The yellow… continue reading »

G-Shock GDF Black/Orange


This is not just another oversized G-Shock as you can probably already tell. Wondering what that panel of four buttons is on the side? Well many people are asking themselves the same question as you. This G-Shock is different than any other that you’ve seen before, not only does it tell time, but it also tells you the temperature, altitude, and atmospheric pressure. The panel of buttons are actually twin sensors that measure the altimeter, barometer, and thermometer. Pretty fancy stuff huh? This watch has cool features but more than that, it has a great look. MORE INFO Being that… continue reading »

Weekly Wrist Check Wrap-Up Part #2


Hashtag #ttrb has been on fire, Thanks to all of the supporters out there. Another week brings another week of what everyone has been wearing on their wrists. Its not a proper week without having a Wrist Check #ttrb. A lot of people seem to be rocking the G-Shocks while others are going out for the Vestals, Michael Kors and so forth. Let us know in the comment section below of who had the best #WristCheck for this week.

Diesel Franchise Chrono White/Silicone


A 52mm case size isn’t something that goes un-noticed and this is exactly what Diesel wanted to do when they made this Chrono Franchise. One of the main reason why I love this watch is because of its comfort, Sometimes you want to have the weight of a stainless steel watch without having the feel of a stainless steel band. Diesel went ahead and wrapped the stainless steel band in Silicone to add comfort. The silver-tone sunday dial also give it a distant look that we all love. MORE INFO Two little features that might go un-noticed is that the… continue reading »

Rose Gold Meister Ambassador


This Rose Gold and Onyx Black Meister is beautiful. Not only does the colors compliment each other so nicely but the leather band makes it a perfect combination in my opinion. They could have easily done it with a metal band but to me that would have been a but too much, being able to put a leather band on a watch really makes it more versatile meaning your prone to wearing it more often because of the comfort, plus it gives it a distant look. The details such as the screws that follow along the bezel are just some… continue reading »

Guess Prism stainless


Guess has been known to set trends worldwide and they have not fallen short with this timepiece. Giving sophistication a fresh look with stainless bands, crystals that separate the bezel from the stainless steel and its analog multifunction Guess is ready to bring the bling to all the classy women working 9 to 5 shifts to the women who we admire on the cover of magazines. Streetlights, sunshine, even your own personality shine bounce off this watch and create direct rays that catch the eyes of the crowd around you. The stainless steel gives it a timeless feel but crystals… continue reading »

Nixon 51-30 Stainless


When I think of Nixon watches, The first thing that pops up in my head is their 51-30′s. This particular 51-30 is the high polish stainless steel with a white face. As many of you know Nixon puts a phrase on the back of all their watch and on this particular one it says “Simplify’. I think that is a great word to describe this 51-30, Its not a loud color way that is in your face. This is a simple approach to a great timepiece that can be worn dressed up and dressed down. Not only did they have… continue reading »

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