Diesel KickStart Surplus/Black


Some might think that this watch is hideous, When we see this watch we see innovation. Diesel is willing to step out of the box/comfort zone and try something new! To be honest it might not be the most appealing watch out there but it will get you noticed. Watches aren’t worn to keep time nowadays, they are worn as fashion accessories to tie together your entire outfit. Not only does this Diesel give you time but it gives you THREE different time zones, So if your a CEO on the go or a kid with friends in different parts… continue reading »

Weekly WristCheck Wrap-Up #4

Screen Shot 2012-07-27 at 1.36.31 PM

So another week has passed which only means its time to showcase everyone that has been tagging #ttrb with their Wrist Check on Instagram.

Vestal ZR2 Rose Gold


Vestal is one of those companies that kind of creeped up on me, I knew that they were a great company but I had never given them a chance. The day I laid my eyes on the Vestal ZR2 & ZR3 Minimalist it was over! The quality of the watch along with its minimalist look won me over and knew I had to get myself one. Vestal recently released their Rose Gold ZR2 and its been a HUGE hit! You might not be able to notice but Vestal went ahead and used a different tone of Rose Gold on the… continue reading »

Large Rose Gold Michael Kors Runway


Not only is Michael Kors a very popular watch for ladies but we have seen a trend that more and more guys are steering towards the MK brand and why can you blame them. Not only is Michael Kors ahead of the trends but they are also making trends! Rose Gold and Yellow gold have seem to be the top contenders this summer and this Michael Kors Runway is no exception. The oversized Michael Kors Runway has been a hit with the ladies because its not your typical size watch, it comes in at 46mm which is an oversized watch… continue reading »

Nixon Sentry Black


The Nixon Sentry is one of those all around great watches that you can’t get passed. Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring whatever the season, The Sentry has you covered! Simple and clean lines is what I think of when I see this piece, added the rubber sharp for comfort it genuinely is great. Coming in at 42mm it isn’t a small watch by any means, it’ll get heads turning. Shop Nixon Sentry Watches One of the details that really catches my attention is that instead of having numbers on the face they used risers to indicate the hour markers which is… continue reading »

The Meister Ambassador Silver/White


Summer time is all about light and bright colors and this Meister sits perfectly in that category. Not too many people consider leather bands anymore especially when its hot out but let me tell you that this is a piece that you MUST consider. Not only is it a leather band but its a perforated leather band which will help will air flow. The casing of this watch is one that can’t be missed, the details alone tell you that time and effort was spent on this and not just thrown together. SHOP MEISTER AMBASSADOR We all know that summer… continue reading »

Fossil Machine Stainless Steel and Silicone Watch


Not a lot of love is shown when it comes to fashion watches from Fossil but let me tell you thats all about to change. The smokey tones of this watch are a can’t miss this summer, not only does it have a stainless steel dial but also comes with a rubber strap with adds comfort to the weight of the stainless steel. This color way is a great medium between your usual black and white watches that can get quite boring at times. BUY FOSSIL MACHINE STAINLESS STEEL The details on the dial and bezel can’t go un-noticed when… continue reading »

Weekly Wrist Check Wrap Up #3

Screen Shot 2012-07-20 at 7.11.12 PM

As we do every week, This week we are showcasing everyone on Instagram that tagged #ttrb when showing off their Wrist Check!! As always make sure to tag #ttrb and get featured on next weeks wrap-up!

Vestal ZR3 Gold Minimalist


Watch out! When Vestal goes big… they mean business! This Vestal ZR3 is a champ when it comes to oversized. The huge case size is amplified by the clean minimalist look. Minimalist means that there is nothing on the face of the watch except for the hands and the logo. Adding a minimalist style to an already oversized watch makes all the attention go to the face and the size. To make this watch even more big and bold, they made the whole thing a high polish yellow gold. Shop this Gold Vestal ZR3 This watch being as flashy as… continue reading »

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