Nixon Event Re-Cap | Full Images


Again we would like to thank Nixon for being a part of this Great event and everyone that came out and supported. We had a ton of fun and cant wait for the next event! Below are some of the photos from the Event that were shot by Chad R. and click HERE to see the 100+ photos of the full event!

Titanium Grey/Black Meister Ambassador


This Titanium Grey Ambassador from Meister is a true head turner! Not only does Meister create great timepieces but they stay current with the trends. Using their popular Ambassador platform, rather than going with a leather strap they decided to bring this watch to life with a nicely done Stainless Steel band. Coming in at 45mm this watch isn’t for the faint of heart, you will become NOTICED as soon as you wrap this Ambassador on your wrist! Shop the Meister Ambassador Collection Meister could of easily just done a blank case and band but they went the extra mile… continue reading »

Tic Time Trends x Nixon Event


First we would like to thank NIXON for making this event possible. Also, a big Thanks to the Nixon Reps that came into the store to merchandise the product for 2 straight days, The store looked amazing and we couldn’t be any happier with the turn out. If you happen to of missed the event this past Saturday, we had several scavenger hunts throughout the mall along with In-Store raffles with a ton of Nixon goodies. Congratulations to everyone that won in the scavenger hunts and the raffles and Thank You to everyone that came out to support! Here are… continue reading »

Weekly WristCheck Wrap-Up #6


Its been a couple weeks since we’ve posted the WristCheck Wrap-Ups but we are back at it! Everyone that posted a photo of what they have on their wrist and used hashtag #ttrb gets posted on here as we like to show love to those who support us. See you next week!  

Skagen Women’s Denmark Silver White Dial


There are some watches that when you see them, you instantly know what company it is. This can be said about Skagen, You lay your eyes on one and INSTANTLY know its a Skagen Design. Some key features that give that away is the trademark mesh band that they use along with the fact that they are EXTREMELY thin in which sometimes they come in at 6mm which is almost half the thickness of other watches in the market. You might be looking at this watch and saying to yourself that the metal mesh band doesn’t look comfortable but I’m… continue reading »

Luminox Colormark red/black


Let me start off by saying that this isn’t your ordinary run of the mill watch, This is a LUMINOX! Whats so great about the Luminox line you ask? Well lets start by saying that this is the only watch that glows 100 times brighter than other luminous watches without a push of a button. This is THE GO TO watch for Navy Seals and Air Force pilots, If they can trust these watches in the tough, harsh terrains that they are put in day in and day out, then why cant you? We all know that sometimes we don’t… continue reading »



It isn’t uncommon for brands to collaborate with Athletes now a days especially professional skateboarders such as Theotis Beasley and that is exactly what you see in these photos. “Meister” is a translation from the German word for “Master” and that is what Meister brand goes after when collaborating. Theotis Beasley is young but lets make this known, He is a BEAST when it comes to skateboarding with such sponsors as Nike SB, Baker and Mountain Dew just to name a few. The Prodigy is by far the best selling watch from the Meister series and for good reason, They… continue reading »

Citizen Stainless Steel Black Sport


When people see a Citizen they think of their Dads or Grandpas watch. When I see a Citizen watch I think of Longevity and quality. You might be accustomed to old fashioned time pieces but the Citizen shown above might just change your mind on Citizen all together. I don’t think this Citizen is Matte but it isn’t High Gloss either, Its a great mix in-between the both where its not Flashy but definitely gets noticed! This Citizen almost reminds me of the Stealth Bomber because of its sleekness and minimalist design. Shop Citizen Watches The case comes in at… continue reading »

Meister Rose Gold Ambassador Review

Nixon Rose Gold Player


Rose Gold is still a HUGE trend in the watch industry and we can’t get enough of it! Nixon always seems to be on-top of all the emerging trends and they make things look good. The Player from Nixon is one of those iconic looks from them that when you see someone wearing one, you instantly know its a Nixon. Its classy, subtle and has a look that can’t be mistaken. Some people might look at the Nixon player and say that its too plain, there isn’t enough on the face, I personally think its great because you don’t get lost… continue reading »

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