Swatch Dreamwhite Watch


When I was first introduced to this Swatch Watch, I instantly noticed that it had Ceramic center links and it was only priced at $175! Then I really started looking at it and noticed all the details that it had. The bold stainless Steel case wrapped with a stone incrusted bezel was really a head turner. I believe that the real reason this watch stands out is the band, Its a stainless Steel band with Ceramic center links and the Ceramic really goes well with the white face of the watch. Coming in at 40mm this is the perfect ‘Boyfriend’… continue reading »

Seiko Solar Chronograph Compass Black Dial Mens Watch


This Seiko caught my eye in our display about a week ago and since then I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I believe the colorway of this Seiko is what caught my eye, Brown leather band along with black dial and shiny stainless steel casing makes this an eye catcher! The shiny stainless steel casing make this a dress watch while the black dial make it casual, meaning you can easily use it for all types of occasions. While Nixon, Michal Kors and Vestals wrap the wrist of young kids and adults, there is still the top dogs… continue reading »

Anodized Nixon Unit


Nixon has done it again with yet another Unit. Now they have made the Rubber Unit with Anodized parts like the Bezel and push buttons. Taking the Rubber Unit one step above from what it was, On great thing is that the price of the full rubber unit and the anodized unit are the same! I see the Rubber Unit as being your entry point Unit, then moving up to the Anodized Unit, then moving forward to the Full on Stainless Steel Unit that we’ve featured. Nixon just recently did the same with the Time Teller in which we will… continue reading »

Michael Kors Rose Gold Mercer


When it comes to Michael Kors watches, The Runway has always been the top seller. That is until now, The Mercer has been on the rise! Not only does the Mercer have clean lines but the overall design is timeless. This Rose Gold Mercer especially has been a hot seller because of the trend that is still going strong with Rose Gold watches, We’ve seen Yellow Gold and Rose Gold trends take over for the past few years and they seem to still be going strong. Not only does the Rose Gold Mercer come in at 42mm but it has… continue reading »

Diesel Bad Company Stainless/Brown Leather


With so many watches being put out by so different companies it hard to stand out and not blend in. Diesel does a great job at making sure they don’t blend in with any of their watches and that can be said about this Diesel Bad Company. Not only is this Stainless Steel/Brown Leather stand out because of it over-sized case of 49mm but take a look at that crown guard! Diesel makes this Bad Company with a stainless Steel band aswell but I personally believe that with the stainless Steel case and Leather band it makes the watch more… continue reading »

Meister Aviator Watch Review

Michael Kors Gramercy Gold Tone Video Review

NIXON at Agenda


Last but not least we had an appointment with Nixon at Agenda to check out some of their new goods. Its always great to catch up with everyone over at Nixon just for the simple fact that they are ahead of the game. If you guys follow us on Instagram or Facebook you would of seen our Top 12 watches of 2012 and there were a handful of Nixon’s on that list along with the Nixon 51-30 Gold Tide being #1. The Nixon 51-30 Gold Tide was the most asked about, The hardest to keep in stock and hands down… continue reading »

BECOMB at Agenda with Levi Maestro


While we were at Agenda we stumbled upon a brand named Becomb. Some of you might be familiar with it as it is the creation of Levi Maestro or most of you might know him as Maestro Knows. As many of you might notice, these pieces don’t give you time. Many people now a days don’t use watches for the purpose of telling time but more of a fashion statement and something to match your outfit with. The qulaity of the pieces looked great and we loved the concept, Let us know your thoughts on it as we are thinking… continue reading »

Nixon Stainless Steel Unit Video Review

As many of you might remember we did a Blog Post on the Nixon Stainless Steel unit not too long ago and we’ve had so many requests for it so we did a video review for all of you. Enjoy!

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