BECOMB at Agenda with Levi Maestro


While we were at Agenda we stumbled upon a brand named Becomb. Some of you might be familiar with it as it is the creation of Levi Maestro or most of you might know him as Maestro Knows. As many of you might notice, these pieces don’t give you time. Many people now a days don’t use watches for the purpose of telling time but more of a fashion statement and something to match your outfit with. The qulaity of the pieces looked great and we loved the concept, Let us know your thoughts on it as we are thinking… continue reading »

Weekly WristCheck Wrap-Up #5

Screen Shot 2012-08-03 at 4.06.14 PM

As another week comes to a close, so does the weekly wrist check. Every week on Instagram people post photos of their wrist check and tag us at #ttrb and at the end of the week we post them, easy as that! Thanks to everyone that is constantly posting and hello to all of you newbies

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