Weekly Wrist Check Wrap Up #3

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As we do every week, This week we are showcasing everyone on Instagram that tagged #ttrb when showing off their Wrist Check!! As always make sure to tag #ttrb and get featured on next weeks wrap-up!

Vestal ZR3 Gold Minimalist


Watch out! When Vestal goes big… they mean business! This Vestal ZR3 is a champ when it comes to oversized. The huge case size is amplified by the clean minimalist look. Minimalist means that there is nothing on the face of the watch except for the hands and the logo. Adding a minimalist style to an already oversized watch makes all the attention go to the face and the size. To make this watch even more big and bold, they made the whole thing a high polish yellow gold. Shop this Gold Vestal ZR3 This watch being as flashy as… continue reading »

Vestal ZR3 Minimalist Stainless


When you shop around for a big faced watch you really are looking for something that’ll make you stand out and that will get you noticed. The ZR3 minimalist does exactly that but with a minimalistic look. If you notice this watch is quite possibly the most stripped down chronograph watch on the market today and it looks good! This watch gets noticed because of its simplistic look along with its big 52mm face. Not to mention the Black bezel which adds a nice contrast between the silver especially with the Vestal Logo in black on the face of the… continue reading »

Weekly Wrist Check Wrap-Up Part #2


Hashtag #ttrb has been on fire, Thanks to all of the supporters out there. Another week brings another week of what everyone has been wearing on their wrists. Its not a proper week without having a Wrist Check #ttrb. A lot of people seem to be rocking the G-Shocks while others are going out for the Vestals, Michael Kors and so forth. Let us know in the comment section below of who had the best #WristCheck for this week.



So this past week on our Instagram we asked people to tag their ‘Wrist Check’ photos with #ttrb to get featured in our WEEKLY WRIST CHECK WRAP-UP and the response was amazing! Thank to all of you that participated and to those that are following us. So to make things a little bit more interesting we decided to have a little fun with this. YOU the readers get to vote in the comment section below who had the BEST wrist check for this week, voting ends Friday of next week and the winner will win a prize! So make sure… continue reading »

Vestal Black Plexi Acetate


I bet you’ve never seen a watch quite like this. The Vestal Plexi takes its own spin on the traditional watch band. What makes this watch truly unique is the combination of stainless steel links and acetate links in the band. This unique band mixed with the traditional minimalist face that Vestal does best creates a one of a kind piece. MORE INFO This Plexi takes on the blackout trend that is so popular right now and executes it beautifully. Black face, black case, black band… I don’t think it could get any better. You could pair this watch with… continue reading »

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