Vestal ZR 3025 Silver/Red/Black


The Vestal ZR 3025 is Vestal’s largest watch to this day. This watch is meant for someone who loves the feel of a large face on their wrists and enjoy feeling the weight of a watch on their wrist. This watch is an over-sized premium chronograph. This watch also has an extra thick raised crystal that is tough enough to take a beating and still look high quality. This watch has that sophisticated yet retro design that you don’t see much of anymore. With summer here, this watch is suitable for those fun beach days, or those days spent in… continue reading »



The Vestal Gunmetal/Brown Leather Plexi is certainly a watch you won’t see everyday. Unlike a normal leather band watch, this Vestal is combined with a leather and stainless steel band that is built for toughness. You can notice the premium quality in the leather just by one touch. The gunmetal and leather fit smoothly and brings the watch together to a high quality time piece that people will not be able to help but notice and comment on it. If you want a watch that you can feel the high quality and durability on your wrist, then this Vestal is… continue reading »



Vestal first introduced the Canteen in a Leather Band, then they moved onto stainless steel and a Nato Strap. For me personally 44mm is the perfect size for a watch, I know I know, Some of you might be saying ‘NOPE’ but for me and my size wrist 44mm is where I need to be. The Vestal canteen cant be mistaken, it clean subtle looks along with its canteen crown placed at the 2 o’clock position for added comfort is un-mistakable. Another unique feature of the Stainless Steel Canteen is its tank-thread style links which really make the watch pop!… continue reading »

Vestal Brig Tide & Train


When you live a couple miles away from the beach, you end up going quite often and usually will end up surfing or doing some type of water activity. For surfers and BodyBoarders knowing the tide is crucial and what better way to stay informed than the Vestal Brig Tide & Train watch. This Vestal keeps track of the Tide in over 200 beaches worldwide! When you think of a surfers watch you would think possibly a G-Shock because of its durability and because of its water resistance but now you got contenders like Vestal coming in and making a… continue reading »

Vetsal at Agenda


Another stop we made at Agenda was the Vestal booth. Vestal has done really well for us this past year and cant wait to keep the momentum going for this year! You can see from the photos above of some new styles along with new colorways, Seems like alot of brands are doing some Nato type straps and we are loving it! One of my new favorite styles has got to be the Canteen, Vestal will be introducing it in an array of new colorways along with new straps. It comes in at 44mm which is a nice size in-between… continue reading »

Rose Gold Vestal Black Plexi Leather


Vestal has done it again! This time with the Leather Plexi watch. Not many companies stray away from the typical watch bands but Vestal did exactly that with their Plexi series. I remember seeing this color way when we attended Agenda earlier this year and knew it was something that we needed in the store. Its link construction is possibly one of the most noticeable pieces about the watch and for good reason, I mean just look at the band! Aside from getting noticed because of it unique band design, The Plexi comes in at 49mm! Talk about a unique… continue reading »



Aside from being one of the top sellers in our store, Vestal has really proven themselves in the watch industry. Not only do they make quality timepieces but the people behind the company are great hard working individuals. I personally fell in love with Vestal the day I laid my eyes on the ZR3 minimalist, Not to mention the Plexi Series. We couldn’t be more excited about all the new color ways and styles that Vestal will be introducing in the coming seasons. Lets just say that you guys won’t be disappointed!

Vestal ZR3 Rose Gold Minimalist


The first time I saw the ZR3 Rose Gold on Vestals linsheet I wasn’t impressed at all. We knew that Rose Gold had been an emerging trend and that we had to at least try it out. We obviously tried out the ZR2 Rose Gold as you might remember from our previous post but the ZR2 is all Rose Gold, No black. So we went ahead and placed an order for these ZR3′s and a couple weeks later we received our shipment and WOW! That’s all I thought to myself, Vestal really killed it with this one, The photo on… continue reading »

Weekly WristCheck Wrap-Up #4

Screen Shot 2012-07-27 at 1.36.31 PM

So another week has passed which only means its time to showcase everyone that has been tagging #ttrb with their Wrist Check on Instagram.

Vestal ZR2 Rose Gold


Vestal is one of those companies that kind of creeped up on me, I knew that they were a great company but I had never given them a chance. The day I laid my eyes on the Vestal ZR2 & ZR3 Minimalist it was over! The quality of the watch along with its minimalist look won me over and knew I had to get myself one. Vestal recently released their Rose Gold ZR2 and its been a HUGE hit! You might not be able to notice but Vestal went ahead and used a different tone of Rose Gold on the… continue reading »

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