Swatch Dreamwhite Watch


When I was first introduced to this Swatch Watch, I instantly noticed that it had Ceramic center links and it was only priced at $175! Then I really started looking at it and noticed all the details that it had. The bold stainless Steel case wrapped with a stone incrusted bezel was really a head turner. I believe that the real reason this watch stands out is the band, Its a stainless Steel band with Ceramic center links and the Ceramic really goes well with the white face of the watch. Coming in at 40mm this is the perfect ‘Boyfriend’… continue reading »

Swatch Full Blooded White


With the weather that we are having in Southern California it still feels like Summer time. So we decided to take out the white Swatch Full Blooded to the beach where it shines! White is one of those colors that really blends well with summer time and this Swatch is no exception. The Full Blooded collection is one of the most popular collection on the Swatch line and when they released the white version they really hit it spot on! A great thing about the Swatch Full Blooded is that 42mm which is a great size for a man and… continue reading »

White Swatch Touch


Just when you thought Swatch watches couldn’t get any better, they come out with the Swatch Touch! Packed with an LCD touchscreen to swipe and push through settings, things couldn’t get any better. Not only does this bad boy pack a touchscreen LCD but they managed to pack it in a sleek yet very comfortable casing and band. It also features an alarm, a timer, chronograph functionality and keeps track of two timezones! Shop Swatch Watches I believe Swatch hit it spot on with this piece, They could have easily overdone it with more ‘Futuristic’ features but they did just… continue reading »

Swatch Bi-Coloured Blue/Pink/Black


When looking for watches there are two types of people, The people that want a nice timepiece to tell time and then there are those that want to accessorize their wrist and outfit. I would say that this Swatch is for the person that likes to get noticed and that is looking to tie together his/her outfit. As we all know Summer is all about Fun/Bright colors and this Swatch is perfect for the occasion. Forget about that boring All Black, All White watch and get yourself into something better suited for the season. Shop Swatch Watches Swatch really simplified… continue reading »

Weekly WristCheck Wrap-Up #4

Screen Shot 2012-07-27 at 1.36.31 PM

So another week has passed which only means its time to showcase everyone that has been tagging #ttrb with their Wrist Check on Instagram.

Weekly Wrist Check Wrap Up #3

Screen Shot 2012-07-20 at 7.11.12 PM

As we do every week, This week we are showcasing everyone on Instagram that tagged #ttrb when showing off their Wrist Check!! As always make sure to tag #ttrb and get featured on next weeks wrap-up!

Weekly Wrist Check Wrap-Up Part #2


Hashtag #ttrb has been on fire, Thanks to all of the supporters out there. Another week brings another week of what everyone has been wearing on their wrists. Its not a proper week without having a Wrist Check #ttrb. A lot of people seem to be rocking the G-Shocks while others are going out for the Vestals, Michael Kors and so forth. Let us know in the comment section below of who had the best #WristCheck for this week.

White Swatch Rebel


Practically defining minimalist the Swatch Rebel is perfect for a bold trendy look. All white everything, that includes the bezel and hands of this time piece. Although it may seem very clean cut don’t be fooled this watch is made for the bold at heart. Paired with either your trendy Nike running attire or just a casual night out with friends this watch is sure to make your outfit feel complete. Although it’s details are┬ásubtle the over sized face is what makes this watch a Rebel. The watch could use a little bit of color but that is also the… continue reading »

Gold Swatch Fully Blooded


The old school Swatch watches have taken a step away from their classic colorful rubber strap timepieces and gone towards a more fashion forward look. This Gold Fully Blooded is the perfect example of their step into the fashion world. The complete opposite from rubber, the Fully Blooded is made entirely of stainless steel giving it a mature and bolder look. Being the unique brand that swatch is, they couldn’t conform to the rest and make a traditional gold watch. If you notice the casing around the gold bezel is a clear plastic material, creating a separation between the face… continue reading »



So this past week on our Instagram we asked people to tag their ‘Wrist Check’ photos with #ttrb to get featured in our WEEKLY WRIST CHECK WRAP-UP and the response was amazing! Thank to all of you that participated and to those that are following us. So to make things a little bit more interesting we decided to have a little fun with this. YOU the readers get to vote in the comment section below who had the BEST wrist check for this week, voting ends Friday of next week and the winner will win a prize! So make sure… continue reading »