Nixon ‘The Cannon’


The Cannon is one of Nixon’s most popular collections that they have ever released. This iconic watch has caught the eyes of many watch lovers for years and years. The name “Cannon” refers to the circular shape of the face, which resembles a cannon. So basically it feels like you’re rocking a cannon on your wrist, how cool is that? The engraving on the back of this watch says, “Shoot To Thrill,” which makes this watch that much more exciting. The Cannon collection comes in a variety of stainless steel pieces, from the classy silver, to the loud and eye… continue reading »

Nixon The Player XL Elite Automatic


The Nixon Elite Class is without a doubt one of the highest quality of watches made by Nixon. This class of watches boasts custom craftsmanship as well as high quality and premium materials used on their watches such as ceramic, sapphire crystals, and Swiss Automatic Movements. The Player XL Automatic is one incredible piece that is very deserving of the title “Elite.” The automatic movement of this watch refers to how motion powers the watch. This factor makes the watch last much longer than the average battery powered watch. This watch also features a clear case-back, which shows the inner… continue reading »

Nixon Rotolog Teak Wood and Stainless Steel


The Nixon Rotolog is definitely one of the most unique series of watches Nixon has come out with. With watch companies becoming more eco-friendly, Nixon has joined the crew and displays their love of the environment with this time piece. This Rotolog is made with the combination of stainless steel and is accented with wood across the band. Another unique aspect of this watch is the way you can tell the time on it. This watch features a dial that includes hour/minute rotating discs with printed numbers, which many people have never seen and it is what draws people to… continue reading »

Nixon Chronicle SS Black


The Nixon Chronicle SS is another solid installment of the Nixon Collection. This watch has that something about it that just gets people intrigued. This raw steel look to it makes it suitable for every occasion, whether you are going to an important business meeting, or going to relax around the house. Unlike most other watches, this watch is equipped with Swiss Movement, so you do not need to worry about losing track of time or being late for that date you have. This watch also comes equipped with a date magnifier that can be seen from a distance. This… continue reading »


There’s a truth to Nixon that each product we make is an original design and is of custom construction. Each piece in our collection reflects our focus on functionality partnered with a passion for world-class design. Blending style and sport, we’ve built watches we can wear when we skate, when we snowboard, when we surf or when we don’t. Nixon is about custom design, high quality manufacturing and fundamental professionalism specific to the needs of our sports. This was the premise since day first. Fifteen years later, these words still stand true. Welcome to the new.



Nixon proves yet again why they are one of the top players in the industry. This time around they released a brand new model to their already impressive line-up dubbed the ‘October’. Knowing that the industry is still going strong with big face wrist pieces Nixon went ahead and did the October in a 48.5mm case! Its unique style will sure catch the attention of everyone while your out enjoying the summer rays. Not only is the October a unique design but it has the guts to go along with it, A Swiss made ISA quartz movement to be exact…. continue reading »



The game changing and trend setting Nixon 51-30 has been a staple in big watch lovers for years. Now Nixon has put an interesting twist on the classic watch. As with all 51-30′s, they’re built for attention grabbing and creating desire in others to get one for themselves. With this watch there is an added element of surprise to it. While the white coating is extremely clean polished, after everyday use and wear and tear, the white chromacoat will start to chip away and the popping silver undercoat will shine through. This watch ages with its user and will have character… continue reading »



The brand new Nixon Big Player is another fantastic installment in the Nixon Collection. When Nixon first came out with the sleek original Player it started a movement of quality wrist wear for those who had never been interested in watches. Then came the Rubber Player and revolutionized the Player Collection. Now Nixon has done it again and came out with the Big Player. This simplistic and highly fashionable watch can now be worn comfortably by anyone, dressed up or down. Those with the larger than average wrist will especially appreciate the Big Player, but it can satisfy any wrist… continue reading »



Nixon said it best when they released these Time Tellers: We’re all getting faded. Summer time is all about fun, bright colors and Nixon hit it spot on. Nixon took they’re iconic Time Teller models and turned them into something straight from the 60′s. What we love about these Time Tellers is that Nixon didn’t go the cheesy route of doing traditional Tie-Dye  swirls but rather dipped-dyed them which give them a distant look without being too ‘Hippy’ looking. Another great thing about the Time Teller is that its affordable meaning that you can get yourself a couple different color… continue reading »



When we first heard that Nixon was going to make a 48-20 we were a bit taken back. I mean, they have the 42-20 and the 51-30 why make an in-between size? Then we really started thinking about how many people have walked into our store asking for a smaller 51-30 and a bigger 42-20. After seeing the watch when we pre-booked we knew that Nixon had done something that needed to be done. The 48-20 to some is the perfect size, perfect weight and perfect thickness. After having the 48-20′s in the store for a week, We know that… continue reading »

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