The Nixon Chronicle SS


Coming in at 48.5mm, The Nixon Chronicle is an undiscovered jewell. Most times it gets overlooked for its bigger and beefier brother the 51-30. What most people don’t realize about the Chronicle is that it has most of the elements the famous 51-30 has but in a bit smaller package: Its still an over-sized watch, Its thinner and lighter than the 51-30 which makes it better for the days that you want to wear a button down or suit and most importantly All the Nixon Chronicles come with a great Swiss Movement! What we really love about the Chronicle is… continue reading »

Nixon Platform


The Nixon Platform is a watch that’s unique style and shape will catch eyes from afar. This over-sized and squared face is something we have not seen from Nixon yet and it is done impressively. The name “Platform” refers to the look of the face, which is clean and ready to be shown off. This watch comes equipped with a triple-gasket crown for added water resistance. This clean and classy watch comes is several different colorways; such as Black, Stainless Steel, Black/Gold, High Polished, and more! Any colorway that you choose will show off that effortless style that will leave… continue reading »

Nixon The Trooper Headphones


We all know Nixon makes incredible watches, so in order to expand their horizons, they decided to explore other avenues of merchandise for everyone to enjoy. The Trooper Headphones are the outcome of this. These on-ear custom headphones feature impressive adjustability for an unlimited fit to your head. The Troopers also surround your ears with silicone not only for amazing comfort, but perfect noise cancellation of the world around you so you can enjoy the crisp and clear sounds delivered to you. On top of all the amazing features the Trooper brings, it also comes with a case to keep… continue reading »

Nixon Time Teller Matte Black/Camo


The Nixon Time Tellers are Nixon’s most redesigned watch they have to this day. They have dozens of different colors and styles, ranging from plastic to stainless steel. What sets this Time Teller apart is the Acetate finish added to it. Acetate is comfortable, lightweight and functional material that is similar to ceramic in terms of looks, but a fraction of the cost. Acetate is also extremely useful when it comes to creating distinct color infusions that cannot look the same with pure plastic or stainless steel. The Camouflage and Matte Time Teller is one of the newest ones to… continue reading »

Nixon The Private Matte Black/Camo


The Nixon Private combines dependability and usefulness wrapped up in one stellar package. With camouflage becoming a strong trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon, Nixon has made this already rugged watch upgraded to a fresh military grade timepiece. The Matte coating¬†¬†features the standard all black titanium carbide coating chemically bonded to the stainless steel of the watch which is then coated in an additional layer of matte finish. This coating is useful because it gives the watch two layers of protection that removes any reflection from light on the watch. Although the matte coating is practical and useful,… continue reading »

The Nixon Player Two-Toned Silver/Gold


Two toned watches are a big hit right now, so it is only right for Nixon to incorporate that to one of its most well known and iconic watch collection: The Player. The already sleek design of the player is complimented with the gold and silver colorway. The gold hands against the clean silver face of this watch is another aspect of it that makes the whole thing pop. As with all Nixon Players, there is an added element of brilliance due to the authentic diamond placed at the bottom of the face. This Nixon can be worn by a… continue reading »

Nixon The Diplomat


The Nixon Diplomat is part of the newest collection that Nixon has released, and they hit a home run with this watch. The Diplomat combines both brains and brawn with its combination of Swiss Movement as well as its tough exterior and larger than average face. One amazing feature about the Nixon Diplomat is the ability to simultaneously keep track of two different time zones at the same exact time. This comes in handy for the constant traveler or even just someone fascinated with the world around them.

Nixon 51-30 Camo and Matte Black

The new Camouflage collection from Nixon has been very much anticipated and it’s finally here! Nixon has heard your voices and made their iconic 51-30 with a Camouflage style to it. We hope you enjoy our video review on this brand new 51-30 and let us know what you think of bringing the Camo to your wrist.

Nixon White Python


The Nixon Python 51-30 and 42-20 is quite possibly Nixon’s most daring and unique watches to this day. Illegal in many parts of the country, if you’re wearing one of these hard to get watches, it is sure to catch many people’s eyes and grab a lot of attention. The python strap is extremely stylish and fashionable and the silver tone on the face with a brushed stainless steel case is another unique aspect of the watch because we have not seen such a combination like this from Nixon before. Like stated earlier, this watch is made in both a… continue reading »


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