Nixon 48-20 Chrono Black / Silver


Nixon Released the 48-20 Chrono Last year and we instantly knew they had made something special. Not only is the 48-20 a great in-between size of the 51-30 & 42-20 but Nixon also went ahead and made it with a thinner case which is great for all of you that love wearing long sleeve button downs and hate when the sleeves get caught on the watch. Nixon has been doing nothing but great colorways with the 48-20, They are definitely staying on trend with all the color combos and also creating some of their own. With the lack of new… continue reading »

Nixon Camo Lodown II


The iconic Nixon 51-30 takes a minimalist approach in this 51-30 tide. Unlike the 51-30 chrono, the tide only has two push buttons and a simplistic dial face with only one additional dial on the face. Pre-programmed with tide info for over 270 beaches worldwide, countdown timer, day/date, wave counter and more. Not only is the Lodown II a great watch for all you beach goers but its also a watch you can get away with wearing everyday. The Camo colorway is ideal for most occasions and s a hot trend this season. Coming in at 40mm The lodown is… continue reading »

Nixon Sentry Chrono ALL BLACK


All brands have iconic models that are carried in their line which become some of their CORE styles. The Sentry from Nixon is almost as Iconic as the 51-30 Model and Nixon just made it even better with a Chrono Feature. Aside from the added feature that the Chrono gives you, The Sentry just looks too good to pass up! I mean lets be honest, No one really uses the chrono feature of their watch. Most people get a Chrono watch because of the way it looks, The little added sub dials along with the Chrono push buttons add’s a… continue reading »

Time Trends Culver City x Nixon Grand Opening Party!

Thanks to everyone that came out for our T3 x Nixon Grand Opening Party at our New Culver City Location. Here is the video that Nixon shot during the event.  

Nixon The Cannon Champagne Gold


The Nixon Cannon is one of the most popular models that Nixon has released and it’s obvious. The “cannon” shaped circular face is something that draws attention naturally, and the clean, simple face of the watch is easy to read and easier to love. In the past we have seen the Cannon in several different color ways such as silver, gold, black, grey, and many more. The newest color that the Cannon has released is the Champagne Gold tone which gives the Cannon a much more sophisticated look and appeal. While many of the other Cannon color ways have all been… continue reading »

Nixon Kensington


Ladies, now is your chance to step up your watch game. The Nixon Kensington is one of Nixon’s most successful and iconic watch made primarily for women. This watch is a little more petite compared to the other Nixon watches that are out there today. This watch is meant for the woman who enjoys the look and feel of a smaller watch on their wrist. The Kensington has that simplistic look that we love about Nixon, but also has that added look of daintiness that is a big hit for the ladies. With the Kensington, you know you’re getting a… continue reading »

Nixon The Banks Black


The Banks by Nixon is a prime example of a classy watch. At first glance, you can automatically feel the sophistication exuding from this watch. The polished style as well as the all around black tone of the watch gives it a nice and clean look that can be worn with any style. As far as functionality of The Banks, it is equipped with a dual time feature, which allows you to keep track of two different time zones at one time. This comes in handy for the constant traveler or just someone who has a significant other in another… continue reading »

Nixon 48-20 Black PU


The Nixon 48-20 is one of the newest watches added to Nixon’s already impressive collection. Over the past months that it has been released, it has been receiving great responses from watch lovers and Nixon fans. What sets the 48-20 PU apart from the few other 48-20′s that we have seen is the new band that they have added to it. The Polyurethane (PU) band was designed with comfort in mind without sacrificing any style. Polyurethane is a rubber material that is lightweight and with the added holes across the band, it allows the wrist to breathe comfortably throughout the whole… continue reading »

Nixon All Gold Corporal


The Nixon Corporal has always had a clean and sleek design that was meant for the watch wearer that lives an active lifestyle but still wants a stainless steel watch to compliment their style. With its 100m water resistance and double locking clasp to ensure it stays on your wrist no matter what you’re doing, the Corporal can keep up with your lifestyle with ease. The newest color way that has been released for the Corporal is the new all over gold tone. This color has been anticipated and desired ever since the Corporal came out and finally this sleek… continue reading »

Nixon Grand Opening Party!!!


For those of you that don’t follow us on any of our Social Media accounts or get our Newsletters, We are pleased to announce our Nixon Grand Opening Party for our New Location at the Fox Hills/Westfield Culver City Mall Location. If you guys remember we had a Nixon event last year and it was CRAZY!!! We will be having a ton of FREE giveaways throughout the event along with Free Food and Drinks. We will be announcing the prizes for the raffles and scavenger hunt throughout the coming weeks so keep updated by subscribing to our emails by entering… continue reading »

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