So this past week on our Instagram we asked people to tag their ‘Wrist Check’ photos with #ttrb to get featured in our WEEKLY WRIST CHECK WRAP-UP and the response was amazing! Thank to all of you that participated and to those that are following us. So to make things a little bit more interesting we decided to have a little fun with this. YOU the readers get to vote in the comment section below who had the BEST wrist check for this week, voting ends Friday of next week and the winner will win a prize! So make sure… continue reading »

Gold Nixon 42-20


The little brother to the All Gold Nixon 51-30. Whats really great about the 42-20 is that a guy that doesn’t like big faced watches can wear it but also women that ARE into big faced watches can wear it. At the moment the gold trend has gone from mild to WILD! Not only is yellow gold the hottest thing in watches right now but it also serves as a Classic look, Yellow gold has been hot before yellow gold was hot, if that makes any sense. Whenever someone says that they have a yellow gold watch, many might think… continue reading »

Nixon Player Stainless Steel


The first thing you notice about this Nixon Player is its Rectangle shape, Its not your average circle shaped watch. The second thing you notice is it’s minimalist face and the third thing you notice is the classic stainless steel case and band. The silver dial along with the Black hands really bring the watch to life, some people might argue that its too simple or that its hard to tell time on but lets all be honest, Having a watch on your wrist isn’t about telling time, Its an accessory piece that brings your entire outfit together. MORE INFO… continue reading »

Nixon 42-20 Crystal


Nixon 42-20, the little brother to the big 51-30. It may be smaller in size, but it still packs the same punch. As one of their most popular styles, Nixon needs to keep up a good reputation. By adding different color ways and making small additions they keep their customers interested everyday. With this specific watch, Nixon took the classic high polish stainless steel piece and gave it a little makeover. By adding crystals all around the bezel and a mother of pearl face, they completely transformed this watch to a truly elegant and standout timepiece. MORE INFO This watch… continue reading »

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