Titanium Grey/Black Meister Ambassador


This Titanium Grey Ambassador from Meister is a true head turner! Not only does Meister create great timepieces but they stay current with the trends. Using their popular Ambassador platform, rather than going with a leather strap they decided to bring this watch to life with a nicely done Stainless Steel band. Coming in at 45mm this watch isn’t for the faint of heart, you will become NOTICED as soon as you wrap this Ambassador on your wrist! Shop the Meister Ambassador Collection Meister could of easily just done a blank case and band but they went the extra mile… continue reading »



It isn’t uncommon for brands to collaborate with Athletes now a days especially professional skateboarders such as Theotis Beasley and that is exactly what you see in these photos. “Meister” is a translation from the German word for “Master” and that is what Meister brand goes after when collaborating. Theotis Beasley is young but lets make this known, He is a BEAST when it comes to skateboarding with such sponsors as Nike SB, Baker and Mountain Dew just to name a few. The Prodigy is by far the best selling watch from the Meister series and for good reason, They… continue reading »

Meister Rose Gold Ambassador Review



Another stop that we made while at Agenda in Long Beach was the Meister booth. They had a nicer size booth compared to other years which was a great sign because that means they are growing as a brand. Meister is not only a young brand but the people behind the brand are great people, Thats one of the reasons why we love to support them. A lot of their timepieces cater to the underground crowd but let me tell you that some of their new pieces will cater to the masses! Some great new styles are coming and we… continue reading »

Weekly WristCheck Wrap-Up #4

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So another week has passed which only means its time to showcase everyone that has been tagging #ttrb with their Wrist Check on Instagram.

The Meister Ambassador Silver/White


Summer time is all about light and bright colors and this Meister sits perfectly in that category. Not too many people consider leather bands anymore especially when its hot out but let me tell you that this is a piece that you MUST consider. Not only is it a leather band but its a perforated leather band which will help will air flow. The casing of this watch is one that can’t be missed, the details alone tell you that time and effort was spent on this and not just thrown together. SHOP MEISTER AMBASSADOR We all know that summer… continue reading »

Weekly Wrist Check Wrap Up #3

Screen Shot 2012-07-20 at 7.11.12 PM

As we do every week, This week we are showcasing everyone on Instagram that tagged #ttrb when showing off their Wrist Check!! As always make sure to tag #ttrb and get featured on next weeks wrap-up!

Weekly Wrist Check Wrap-Up Part #2


Hashtag #ttrb has been on fire, Thanks to all of the supporters out there. Another week brings another week of what everyone has been wearing on their wrists. Its not a proper week without having a Wrist Check #ttrb. A lot of people seem to be rocking the G-Shocks while others are going out for the Vestals, Michael Kors and so forth. Let us know in the comment section below of who had the best #WristCheck for this week.

Rose Gold Meister Ambassador


This Rose Gold and Onyx Black Meister is beautiful. Not only does the colors compliment each other so nicely but the leather band makes it a perfect combination in my opinion. They could have easily done it with a metal band but to me that would have been a but too much, being able to put a leather band on a watch really makes it more versatile meaning your prone to wearing it more often because of the comfort, plus it gives it a distant look. The details such as the screws that follow along the bezel are just some… continue reading »

Theotis Beasley Meister Prodigy


Meister took their classic Prodigy collection and amped it up by collaborating with great artists to make some pretty sick watches. This particular prodigy is a special one because it is a collaboration watch with the famous skateboarder Theotis Beasley. This watch breaks the traditions of the prodigy because of its unique color way. The vibrant purple and blue come together to make an all around fun and unique watch that truly expresses one’s personality. MORE INFO This watch is great because of how different it is. This watch gives you the chance to express your personality and style. If… continue reading »

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