G-Shock GA150MF Black/Silver


We have seen the steady evolution of G-Shocks throughout the years and they have come along quite nicely. With their newest Analog collection, G-Shocks has stepped up their game and it clearly shows. The Analog feature gives the watch and more sophisticated look but still  keeps keeps it’s sharp street feel to it. As with all G-Shocks, you get unmatched durability that cannot be beat. With this particular model, it features a metallic finish to the exterior that makes it look that much more clean and detailed. The purple details on the watch is another aspect that makes this piece… continue reading »

G-Shock GA150 Blue Watch


G-Shock’s new collection of watches have raised the bar extremely high for its competitors. This GA150 style of blue is without a doubt very unique. The silver tone added to this blue watch is done quite nicely and gives this watch the look as if it were cut out marble. Another cool feature that comes with these new G-Shock watches is the analog feature that we haven’t really seen before from G-Shock. Once you set the digital time on your watch, the analog hands automatically move to the designated time. As with all G-Shocks, they’re built for toughness, so feel… continue reading »

Casio G-Shock BURTON Limited Edition Watch GDF100BTN-1


In celebration of G-Shock’s 30th Anniversary, they decided to collaborate with the globally recognized snowboarding company Burton, and created this limited edition G-Shock that definitely sets it apart from the other G-Shock watches we have seen in the past. This watch is equipped with two different types of sensors; one for air pressure and one for temperature, which is very useful for being in the outdoors constantly. This watch also comes with a black and ice blue ballistic nylon band for added comfort and durability. While this watch was primarily designed for those who enjoy snowboarding, it can be used… continue reading »

G-Shock GA110RG-7A White/Rose Gold


Casio G-Shocks have been the fore-runner in casual everyday watches for years now. These watches are designed for the fashion-minded and active man/woman. With the White and Rose Gold color to this G-Shock, it can be worn in a versatile manner with a wide array of outfits, ranging from jeans and a t-shirt all the way to a formal occasion. While many G-Shock owners wear it for the style and sleek look of the G-Shock, they come with many features that come in handy for possible every day use. Among these features include up to 200m water resistance, as well… continue reading »



This Baby-G is fun, fresh & flirty! With a white rubber band, silver ring dial and a sweet center design this watch is sure to melt your heart in an instant. Features include a white round dial with heart design and two subdials, LED backlight, world time, five alarms, stopwatch, and calendar. This watch, just like all the other Baby-G’s is shock resistant and water resistant up to 100 meters. Since the band is all white, it is super easy to match this watch with any outfit! Whether you are wearing jeans & a t-shirt, a cute sundress or a… continue reading »



G-Shock seems to impress me every single time we get a new shipment. This is the first time we’ve received a GLS100 and I couldn’t be more impressed. I’ve always felt that G-Shock was the watch that you were to wear while BMX’ing, skateboarding or surfing but not the watch that you could wear out to a nice dinner or look good with a nice button down. The synthetic leather band completely transforms the watch to make it more versatile than ever, A watch that can be taken from the skate park to the dinner table.



By far one of my favorite models to come from G-Shock is the GA150 and for good reason too, Just take at look at the 3-d design on the face! The concave dials really pop and make the watch stand out and with the right light you’ll see amazing shadowing inside the face. The metallic Orange with minimal black accents make this watch stand out and get noticed. We all know that GShocks come with some great features like world time, stop watch, LED light with afterglow, Alarm etc etc but we don’t buy them for those reasons. We buy… continue reading »

Casio GD110-2 G-Shock Blue Resin


When it comes to G-Shocks its no surprise that 80% of people wearing them aren’t necessarily wearing them because of the features it offers but because of the style and color it comes in. I was one of those kids years ago. There isn’t anything wrong with wanting to match your watch with your outfit or kicks, everyone does it now a days. When I ask people What time it is, they usually disregard their watch and pull their cell phones from their pockets. There is no denying that G-Shock comes out with some of the best colorways and limited… continue reading »

G-Shock at Agenda!


Last Friday we were fortunate to attend yet another Agenda show in Long Beach. As many of you might know Agenda has become the premier hub for all Street Brands to showcase their up-coming collections. Its pretty amazing to see the growth of the show just from last year alone. We got to stop by the G-Shock booth to place our order for upcoming 2013 product, New Colorways along with new styles were presented and were excited!! We couldn’t take many photos as alot of the product was being shown to customers but we did happen to take a few… continue reading »

Crocodile Textured G-Shock 6900


Just got in the Crocodile Textured G-Shock DW6900 collection and loving it! Nick-named “The Reptiles” by Casio, these new G-Shock models are the latest addition to the G-Shock line-up and are very popular with the young urban fashion buffs. Exotic touches of croc-embossing and shiny finish of the band make these digital watches from G-Shock both stylish and durable. Available in glossy black, crocodile green and pure white, all three of these watches come with metallic gold buttons and accents. The crocodile skin look of these models creates a highly distinctive look that is sure to appeal to street fashion… continue reading »

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