Red Zodiac Adventure

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Tic Time presents the Zodiac Adventure! Zodiac takes the motto, “Go big or go home” to heart. We can see this especially in this timepiece where the main ingredients are BIG and BOLD. They take the term oversized watch to a new level. The 47 mm case size sets the base for the oversized look, then Zodiac adds their own personal touch by making it a unique square face. To make the watch stand out even more, they paired it with a bright red rubber strap. MORE INFO

To tie the whole look together, Zodiac made the face all black with red accents which makes a cool contrast. If I saw someone wearing this watch walking down the street I would think to myself that they really know what style and fashion is and that they have a great way of expressing it. This is more than a watch, it’s a conversation piece. It will get you noticed and make you stand out from all the rest. BUY IT NOW

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