Swatch Full Blooded White

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With the weather that we are having in Southern California it still feels like Summer time. So we decided to take out the white Swatch Full Blooded to the beach where it shines! White is one of those colors that really blends well with summer time and this Swatch is no exception. The Full Blooded collection is one of the most popular collection on the Swatch line and when they released the white version they really hit it spot on! A great thing about the Swatch Full Blooded is that 42mm which is a great size for a man and woman. Shop Swatch Watches

The White dial with luminous hands and white crystal hour markers make it classy. Not only is this a great looking watch but its also lightweight. Its Plastic with aluminum case with an aluminum bracelet making it ideal for an everyday piece. As we talk about t being a great summer watch it’s also water resistant up to 30 meters which is great when your poolside or playing on the white sandy beaches. Shop this White Swatch Full Blooded Watch

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