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The summer X-Games took place this past weekend at Staples Center. I had never been to X-Games before but wanted to go this year to experience not just the extreme arena of sports and entertainment but also to witness our top vendor Nixon watches in action as they support and hype the X-Games experience.

Nixon has exploded to become our best selling brand with iconic models in their line such as the Player, 51-30, and the Chronicle. In my opinion, what is truly impressive is how the brand has been able to maintain their growth yet still keep its core values of a surf and skate lifestyle. The perfect venue to promote the Nixon brand and the lifestyle it portrays is the X-Games. Over the weekend Nixon had a scavenger hunt for instagram followers, placing watches throughout the X-Games park and providing clues for followers to find cool Nixon watches. This is what Nixon does best, provides great product, understand who their customers are and what they are looking for, its great being an ambassador for a brand that understands.

I was wearing my Mango Diesel XXL SBA and my Meister Chocolate brown prodigy. While entering the event through security, the guard grabbed my wrist and insitOverall the experience was great. We had a blast enjoying the activities of the day alongside beautiful weather, but most of all it was great witnessing the Nixon brand doing what it does best!

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