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Besides wearing two watches at all times, the funnest part of doing what I do is being able to meet with sales representatives and preview all the newness for upcoming seasons. This gives me an opportunity to see what might be trending in the future and maintain a finger on the pulse of the Hip, Trendy, Wrist Candy market. At the same time it serves as the greatest challenge in my job since I must forecast which styles will be a hit six months in the future and pre-book quantities accordingly. If we buy heavy on a style and it’s not a hit, we get stuck with large quantities in inventory. Inversely, if we go light on a style and it hits, we lose out on potential sales as it will sell out and will take us forever to get back into it. This afternoon I had the chance to sit down with Matt from Nixon and preview the newness for Spring 2013!

Now keep in mind the styles that we saw are for Spring 2013 and won’t start showing up until November and January, so the key is to identify styles that will be hits and match them to predicted trends of the future. Fortunately Nixon is one of our best vendors providing the most innovative and cutting edge watches in the industry.

To much of everyones disappointment, Nixon doesnt allow us to take pictures and share them prior to release, but I can describe and talk about the new styles coming out. Below are some of the highlight from the newness

THE UNIT IN STAINLESS STEEL- We have a seen the Unit in rubber become a major classification for Nixon as a digital rival to the G-Shock consumer. Now they have taken it one step further, creating the Unit in all stainless steel. Seeing this watch, I am confident that it will be an iconic piece and a best seller. Comes in two different color ways all black metal with lime green digital readout, and all silver with a red digital readout, by far my favorite style in the new collection.

CHAMPAGNE GOLD COLLECTION – This is a softer more matte tone gold collection, not as shiny as the current gold tone watches in the line. The collection is features some iconic redone style such as the 42-20 chrono Champagne gold white dial with champagne sundials, The monopoly and the Spur.

New GOLD 51-30 CHRONO! – Many of our Nixon followers have asked for it and now its finally here a Chrono version of the very popular gold 51-30 tide watch. This new chrono comes in two new color ways. Champagne gold featuring a white dial with champagne color sundials and a all yellow gold with a yellow gold face and yellow gold sundials, simply beautiful!

CHROMOCOAT ALL WHITE AND SILVER – Many of you are familiar with Nixon’s innovation of Chromocoat colors, which is certain colors of metal meant to be worn out during wear to reveal another color underneath. Nixon has done the Chromocoat in past season with the Gunship and Whit/gold color way, and now they are introducing a all white and silver color way. It looks extremely minimalist with assortments in the 51-30 chrono, 42-20 chrono, and the Sentry leather.

THE DON – The Don was part of the initial introduction to the Nixon collection of watches, now the true originator is back and ready for business. With its refreshed, retooled, and updated design, this Nixon retro classic comes in three different color ways, stainless black dial, stainless blue dial, and all black stainless black and orange dial.

Overall we are looking forward to another successful launch of new Nixon product for the upcoming Spring season. Please leave your comments below on your thought of the different styles and what you are most excited to see. One lucky commenter will win a FREE NIXON HAT pictured below.

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