Nixon Player Stainless Steel

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The first thing you notice about this Nixon Player is its Rectangle shape, Its not your average circle shaped watch. The second thing you notice is it’s minimalist face and the third thing you notice is the classic stainless steel case and band. The silver dial along with the Black hands really bring the watch to life, some people might argue that its too simple or that its hard to tell time on but lets all be honest, Having a watch on your wrist isn’t about telling time, Its an accessory piece that brings your entire outfit together. MORE INFO

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Nixon went ahead and put a diamond on the 6 o’clock position which gives it a classy look to go with the all stainless steel look. If you have a Nixon Player on your wrist, people will instantly know that its a Nixon. The Player has an iconic look that can’t be missed and that can’t be mistaken. This particular color way I believe can be worn with a casual outfit but could also be worn if your going out with your friends to the club. BUY IT NOW

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