Meister Tiffany Blue Ambassador

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When the holidays hit, we knew that some brand should release some limited edition goodies and Meister delivered! This time around Meister created a limited edition Tiffany Blue inspired Ambassador. One of the first things that stood out to me with this colorway was that Meister didn’t go overboard with it, Alot of companies do ‘Tiffany Blue’ inspired products but always over-due it and kills the product all together. This limited release features a crocodile textured leather band with teal stitching, The black face has silver & white highlights while teal is used for the indicators and second hand to give it just the right amount of POP!

I’ve seen a handful of people wearing this watch from very casual to nicely suited up. I cant definitively say that its a mans watch or womans watch, I’ve seen it on both a man and a woman and they both looked damn good. If your planning on getting one you better act quick as they only made 300 of these.

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