G-Shock Matte Black DW-5600 MS-1

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We cant talk about G-Shocks without mentioning the 5600. When you want to be more sleek and not carry a bulkier gshock on your wrist like the 6900, you go with the 5600 especially this all matte black with inverse LCD display! When looking through G-Shocks you cant but notice the bright colors that they offer but sometimes you just need to be low key and that’s when the simple/clean black comes in. Coming in at 41mm this is the perfect size for everyday wear without it getting in the way. Shop the 5600 G-Shock Collection

Some people might complain that the watch is difficult to read under low light but yet again that’s the reason the watch comes with a light. I couldn’t pick out a more purpose built watch that you can wear daily. I personally am a 6900 fan just because my wrist is a little big but we’ve seen the popularity of the 5600 rise tremendously! Shop this G-Shock 5600 Matte Black

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