Diesel Rose Gold SBA

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You cant talk about over-sized watches without mentioning the Diesel SBA! Coming in with a 57mm case size and at 65mm including the crown, this watch isn’t for the average joe. This is a watch for the person that demands the attention he/she deserves! When we hear people say ‘Bigger is Better’ this is what they are referring to, a watch that has not one, not two but four different timezones. Shop Diesel Watches

Diesel has made the SBA in two forms which is a Stainless steel band and the one with the leather band that you see here. Diesel didn’t hold back one bit when they came up with the SBA, they knew that the market was in need of something fresh, something new. I can easily say that that SBA is hands down the best selling watch in the Diesel collection that we have and for good reason, there isn’t anything else on the market like it. People want to stand out, they don’t want to blend in. Only for the Brave! Shop this Diesel Rose Gold SBA

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