All over the Place


This little guy you see here is Warren, he is a weekly visitor of ours and is ALWAYS excited to be here. Lots has been going on lately that I can’t really wrap into one new post, so Ive decided to split it in two. As for writing on this post ehhhhh, Lets just have the photos do all the work.

Benihana Stylin’


By now most of you might have noticed that I’m a food fanatic and thats exactly why I started hitting the gym. Even though now after I eat a meal like this I feel like Im doing something illegal. I remember going out and eating burgers and good food all the time without feeling guilty but now thats a different story. I try and tell myself that I need to cheat or feel guilty at least once a week and last week happen to be with some Benihana with the girlfriend. Tiffany and I have been coming here for close… continue reading »

Car on Cars on Cars


By now some of you might know that I’m a HUGE car fanatic. By fanatic, I mean that I think about cars every single day. My passion for cars started when I was in Middle school. It started with Classics, then to Imports, Of course I love exotic cars but they are a bit out of my price range for now… There is a car show that I go to almost every Saturday called Cars and Coffee held over by the Irvine spectrum. You get all walks of life that attend the show plus you get all types of cars… continue reading »

Apple Pan, Quality Forever..


Several days ago after I left the office, The girlfriend and I headed to downtown to pick up a couple friends of ours and headed down to Apple Pan for dinner. My friend ShoeWolf introduced me to this spot about 3-4 years ago and I can still say that its the best burger I’ve had. Apple Pan opened its doors in 1947 and is famous for their burgers and Pies, from what I was told they haven’t changed the menu since its opening. Not only does it have great food but the service has always been top notch. As much… continue reading »

The Nixon Rover II


The other morning I was browsing HypeBeast and came across their post on the Nixon Rover. I hadn’t seen this watch before but its minimal features intrigued me, I read about how this was one of Nixon’s first watch Models and that it was making a comeback. Two days later they arrived at our store and I instantly fell in love! The main thing I love about this watch is its face. Clean, simple, has everything you need and its not over done. I think Nixon hit it spot on with this model and glad to see that it comes… continue reading »

Sushi Time!


Last night Kyle and I headed over to Diamond Bar to grab some late night Sushi with Franalations and Jay. Its been a while since we’ve all sat down and had some good food together with our busy schedules. We ate at Yoko-Yoko which was a place that Franalations introduced to me a couple months back that I fell in love with. The food is great but the service isn’t the best which sort of kills the mood a bit but all in all it was a good time with good friends. I personally love to go out and eat… continue reading »